Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Grey Dove" into a small penguin confuse users into a "chicken"

"Dove gray" this country the infamous "back door synthesizer," never really been away from our computers. Hackers have also taken the magic from the constant changes it to add more "chicken." The "dove gray" transforms into the famous little penguins confuse users as hackers "dishes on the menu." Recently, micro-point active defense software automatically captures this called "Backdoor.Win32.Hupigon.nli" gray dove back door,

According to micro-point anti-virus experts: the back doors as the icon using Tencent QQ "", the user is highly confusing, the main purpose for the establishment of the virus back door in order to leave more of Trojan viruses, "the door" so that the user computer a puppet of the host. User poisoning may occur without cause restart the computer, shut down, loss of important documents, systems and network slowly, opening the camera for no reason, the program shut down for no reason, the registry is modified, there all kinds of viruses and other effects leading to user privacy and user disclosure phenomenon.

The backdoor is executed, by creating a service, start the virus, creating svchost.exe process, the virus code injection process, and then create a batch file to delete itself, access to networks, hackers attempt to Lianjie host.

In this micro-point anti-virus experts advise you to preventive measures:

Have installed the software using the micro-point active defense of users without any settings, micro point of active defense will automatically protect your system from the invasion and destruction of the virus. Whether you have upgraded to the latest version of the micro-point active defense can effectively clear the virus. If you do not have to micro-point active defense software upgrade to the latest version of the software micro-point active defense after the discovery of the virus alarm you find the "unknown spyware software", please select the delete processing (Figure 1);

Figure 1 Micro-point active defense software automatically capture unknown virus (not upgrade)

If you have active defense micro-point upgrade to the latest version of the software, micro-point alarm you find "Backdoor.Win32.Hupigon.nli", please select Delete (Figure 2).

Figure 2 micro-point active defense intercepted known viruses after the software upgrade

The point is not to use micro-active defense software users, micro-point anti-virus experts suggest:

1, do not download unknown site, unofficial version of the software to install, to avoid the virus by binding of the way into your system.

2, anti-virus software as soon as possible characteristics of your database upgrade to the latest version of killing, and open the firewall blocking access network anomalies, such as still abnormal Please note that timely and professional security software vendor contact for technical support.

3, open the windows automatic update, time lay a patch.

Micro-point active defense is not installed the software manual solution:

1, manually delete the following files:

% SystemRoot% system32Rav.exe

2, manually delete the following registry value:

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesRSing CCenter 2009

Variable declaration:

% SystemDriver% system where the partition, typically "C:"

% SystemRoot% WINDODWS directory, usually "C: Windows"

% Documents and Settings% user documentation directory, usually "C: Documents and Settings"

% Temp% temp folder, usually "C: Documents and Settings current user name of the Local SettingsTemp"

% ProgramFiles% system program default installation directory, typically: "C: ProgramFiles"

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